911 where were you? my personal memories

June 25th. 2015

Do you remember where you where on that day? I was working at my local sporting goods store Hibbetts and my good friend at the time was a manager of Radio Shack , which had the televisions going on with the late breaking news. I took several breaks to go next door and watch what I thought was an accident unfold. Then we noticed the second plane hitting the buildings and then the events in the DC area. I then knew that we were being attacked. That day always seems to stay in my thoughtРthinking of all the lives that were lost, all the heros and the photographs that captured history. That day was something i will never forget. I remember calling my mom at work in Chicago during the panic. They were all in a frenzy, about to leave work. My aunt which so happens to have worked at the WTC in Chicago actually closed after the events had taken place in NYC. Here in PB, service stations were running out of gas grocery stores shelves were bare as if the world was ending in a matter of days. No one knew how to react to this life changing event. I think back to all of those families that this affected by loosing loved ones and I wonder how they are coping today. Im sure the hurt and pain of grief and sorrow is like a open wound again. As an American I hope that we as a country never have to experience this again. While on one of my many trips to NYC It never fails to cross my mind when I am in the Battery Park area. While looking at the fragments from buildings left behind, I think to myself what would I have done if I had been in here  on 911? This makes me really grateful for those who serve our country. God Bless the USA take time out to remember.

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