Love for the lens

Mar 03th. 2015

I recently met with husband and wife photographer team Marion photographers, Dilan and Emma who are up and coming to this area, they specialize in shooting natural light, organic forestry type portraits of families and weddings. When I asked the duo what makes them want to create portraits in such remote locations they replied ” […]

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Hunt Nagy Class of 2015

Sep 09th. 2014

Friends/followers, meet Hunt Nagy. I have to say, this is another senior who I have essentially witnessed sprout right before my very eyes. Through my day job as a photojournalist for our local newspaper, I was taken aback when I realized it was several short years ago that I first photographed him for my weekly […]

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Life out west

Apr 04th. 2014

My brother and recently road tripped to Los Angeles to pay our respects to a family member and I thought I should bring light to a situation that isn’t in our control we all know that god knows best in any situation but after the rain we all must smile and keep living life while […]

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The first snow

Dec 12th. 2013

  Some figured we’d get it and some didn’t according to the weather service we were due for a good visit from mother nature bringing sleet and snow, causing the city to be still for the last two days.. Wow this has been a adjustment not being able to jump in your car and move […]

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911 where were you? my personal memories

Sep 09th. 2013

Do you remember where you where on that day? I was working at my local sporting goods store Hibbetts and my good friend at the time was a manager of Radio Shack , which had the televisions going on with the late breaking news. I took several breaks to go next door and watch what […]

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